AeroPress Original

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So how do you use it? Simple. Firstly, open the box, remove the instructions and throw them away. Then...

• Put your freshly ground and weighed out coffee into the inverted (with the filter end pointing upwards) AeroPress. As a guide, start with 15-16g for 250ml of water and adjust to taste.
Put the filter into the filter holder and wash through with hot water to get rid of any nasty paper taste
• Pour just off the boil water over the coffee, filling the AeroPress nearly to the top
• Stir a prescribed amount of times (we use three) and top off with water
• Attach the filter holder and secure (before the end of the brew time)
• Leave to brew for your preferred brew strength (our preference is about a minute from when the water makes contact)
• Turn over onto the top of your favourite sturdy mug and push down the plunge until the AeroPress is empty, and you hear a slight hissing sound.