The Story of White Goat

Fascinating things happen in small northern BC towns. Just ask Aleksa. This adventure-seeking, risk-lover wound up with a coffee roaster in her backyard. And, as they say, the rest is history. 

White Goat Coffee is the result of Aleksa's journey to delve into the unknown and create something unique. She pours every bit as much passion and energy into each small batch of roasted beans as she does her community. 

Inspired by trails, snow, and incredible people, White Goat Coffee is for making memories - whether around a table in a warm kitchen or bundled against the weather on a mountain top. 

Aleksa’s Mission

Aleksa’s mission is to provide the freshest coffee possible through small-batch roasting. 

She promises that White Goat Coffee will always:

  • produce high-quality fresh product full of flavour 
  • support and celebrate outdoor recreation
  • build community partnerships (it takes a village!)
  • choose environmentally sustainable practices whenever possible