First Tracks

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First Tracks

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First Tracks ...
Do you remember the first time you had the mountain all to yourself? Not another being in sight and you got to be the first to rip down a sweet, buttery smooth run with fresh powder flying all around you.
Maybe your fondest memory of First Tracks is the very first time you strapped planks (or a plank) to your feet, and you fell face first into the snow.
Or perhaps First Tracks reminds you of that time you were flying down the hill with someone special for the very first time hoping that you were going to get a chance to do it again.
We are proud to introduce our latest blend -- a celebration of our First Tracks. It's bold & sweet, and a little bit spicy as all good first adventures should be.
We'll be running this blend into the Spring with partial proceeds supporting Shames Mountain | My Mountain Co-Op.

Profile: sweet, balanced, smooth low acidity, full-bodied
Tasting Notes: cocoa nibs, light spice
Certifications: green beans are fair trade & organic

Roast Level: Dark (Full City+) 

Brewing Recommendations: Great for French Press & Aeropress.