White Goat Coffee

Seasonal Single Origin - Mexico

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We have the good fortune of taste-testing a lot of really great coffee, but this one really knocked it out of the park for us. Acidity perfectly balanced with sweetness.  It's a decadent, syrupy cup of amazing. 

Mexico Santuario Project, GUADALUPE ZAJU

Farm: Finca Zaju
Varieties: Starmaya + H1 (centroamericano) + H16 (Mundo Maya)
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Region: Guadalupe Zaju, Chiapas
Altitude (masl): 1550m

smooth, complex, syrupy body
Tasting Notes: sweet mandarin, vanilla, butterscotch, spice, cinnamon.
Certifications: N/A

Roast Level: Medium (City +)  

Brewing Recommendations: Aeropress, Drip, Espresso.

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