Rwanda GR A Nyamagabe

White Goat Coffee

Rwanda GR A Nyamagabe

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Origin Info:

The coffee comes from the famed BUF CAFE washing station in the Karaba village. This coffee is the result of a tragic story that turns into one of hope and triumph. The story of Epiphanie Mukashyaka who picked up the pieces of her life after the Rwanda genocide and learned how to improve coffee quality through better cherry selection, processing, and sorting, building the reputation of BUF CAFE.  Epiphanie brought electricity, water and jobs to Karaba providing the community with sustainable livelihoods. 

Profile: Sweet & syrupy 
Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate & peach. Medium acidity. 
Certifications: N/A

Roast Level: Medium-Dark (Full City+) 

Brewing Recommendations: Excellent for French Press, Pour Over & Aeropress

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